Blueberry Mojito Royale

Royal-Blueberry-Mojitos-with-ChampagneIt’s Thursday morning, but it feels like Friday afternoon, and I’m blackout!!! Just kidding. But I am in Maine, and it is GLORIOUS. The air smells like salt water and pine trees, and I’m just sitting here drinking fresh coffee, looking out at the ocean, and generally feeling rather princess-like. In other great news, I have almost nothing on the docket this afternoon besides a leisurely hike, a long nap, and a half hour or so of observing my roommate splash around in the pool. I’ll probably make my way to my friend Annie’s house for tea later, before hurrying home to take a little pre-cocktail hour swim in my bathtub. At some point, I might even attempt to play with my younger siblings, who seem to be warming to me. Joy of joys! If...

Sweet Potato Burrito Bowls with Summer Vegetables and Quinoa

Vegan-Sweet-Potato-Burrito-Bowls-with-Summer-Vegetables-and-QuinoaI spent the summer after my sophomore year of college living Boulder, Colorado. It was a semi-random choice (and one that was definitely questioned by some of my more judgy friends with fancy summer internships), but I felt the need to buck convention and do my own thang. I had zero plan, no job, and one friend (hi, Phoebe!), but I wasn’t worried. I knew things would totally fall into place when I got there. (This was before I developed an anxiety disorder. Duh.) And fall into place they did. I took a very prestigious position selling cowboy hats at beer festivals, which combined all of my passions: fashion, booze, and shirtless men. In my free time, I did yoga/read the newly released Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, and in the evenings, I drank my weight in Read More >>

Charred Corn with Bacon, Chiles and Cheese (aka Mexican Street Corn Salad)

Mexican-Street-Corn-Salad-with-Bacon-Chiles-and-CheeseI’m just going to level with you here, summer in New York City is the WORST. I hate to go into full-blown pity party mode, but I’m pretty miserable right now. NYC is dirty (so dirty!), and the humidity literally makes me want to die. Walking around the city feels like trying to make your way through a giant vat of hot soup, an experience that’s made even lovelier by warm water periodically dripping on your head/face from leaky air conditioning units. Unless you’re Beyoncé, you probably can’t grill outside in NYC, make s’mores over an actual fire, or splash around in a pool. It makes me realize how spoiled I was as a kid, spending clean, humidity-free summers in California and Maine. It also explains why there’s a mass exodus from the city circa 4pm every Friday...

Summer Ratatouille Tartines with Burrata and Honey-Balsamic Drizzle

Ratatouille-Tartines-with-burrata-and-honey-balsamic-drizzleFor many years, ratatouille was one of my go-to recipes. Honestly, I have zero idea how, when, or why I learned to make it, but along with turkey burgers, scrambled eggs, and grilled cheese, ratatouille was one of the handful of things in my not-so-fancy culinary repertoire BDE (Before Domestic Era). In fact, when I did my junior semester abroad at the University of St. Andrews and lived in my very first big girl apartment, I made ratatouille for myself approximately five times a week. My two Scottish roommates routinely questioned my diet of “stewed vegetables,” vodka, and Haribo, but I was proud of both my vegetable consumption and cooking skillz. (As far as the vodka and Haribo, vodka pairs nicely with all foods, and Haribo gummies are a delightfully fat-free dessert, so it's unclear why my roommates were so judgy.) Read More >>

Cilantro-Lime Grilled Chicken with Strawberry-Jalapeño Salsa

Cilantro-Lime-Chicken-with-Strawberry-Jalapeno-SalsaAll the employees at my local grocery store think I’m crazy. While I find this mildly offensive, I sort of get it. I mean, think about it from their perspective… Some lady (can I call myself that?) goes grocery shopping every single day, usually between 9am and 11am. She takes her sweet ass time perusing the produce. Like, a really, really, absurdly long time. Sometimes she touches a fruit or vegetable, smells it, and then puts it back. She regularly knocks over displays. When asked if she needs help, she always says no. Or, more accurately, screams, “NO!!!” because she’s listening to what sounds like 90s hip hop at 10 million decibels. She sometimes acts as if she works there and answers other customers’ questions about products/where to find certain things. By the time she reaches checkout, she has a basket overflowing with weird things,...

Vegan Berry Crunch Smoothie Bowl

Vegan-Berry-Green-Smoothie-Bowls-with-fruit-and-granolaI’ve done a lot of physical activity over the past few days, which as you know, is rather uncharacteristic. First, I went to the Beyoncé and Jay-Z concert at MetLife Stadium. As much as I’d like to fangirl out right now, I recognize you’re probably not here to read about my obsession with Bey or my feelings about Jay-Z’s rumored infidelity. (But if you are, please contact me to discuss. I have a lot of thoughts.) All I’ll say is that it was the most amazing concert I’ve ever been to (times infinity), and I did my best dancing for 2½ hours. It was a lot of cardio for a Friday night. On Saturday, I went out to my bestie Fifi’s house on Long Island, and she suggested we go paddleboarding. Since I have zero upper body strength and...

The Official Paris Guide: Where to Drink

Where-to-eat-in-paris-guideThe Official Paris Guide is back, friends! As we’ve already covered where to eat in the City of Light, today I’d like to discuss something much more important: Where to DRINK. Honestly, there’s no better place in the world to drink than Paris for several reasons. First and foremost, Parisians find it acceptable to imbibe at almost any hour of the day and night, which makes it easier to forgive the majority of their other sins (i.e. general rudeness and impossible accents). Second, the wine is good. Very good. Third, with the exception of a few bridges, there are no open container laws in the city, meaning that you can BYOB to some pretty unreal locations for low-key cocktails en plein air. And finally, since Parisians consume a substantial amount of booze and do not appear to gain weight, I have concluded that...

Summer Kale Salad with Strawberries and Avocado (and Life-Changing Tips for Making Better Salads)

Summer-Kale-Salad-with-Strawberries-Avocado-Pine-Nuts-and-Goat-CheeseOn Monday, I had the rare opportunity to talk to about 50 people about two of my very favorite things…. Myself and salad. It was the best hour of my recent life. But let’s back up a teensy bit. Earlier this year, College of the Atlantic in Bar Harbor, Maine asked if I would be interested in being part of their Sherry Geyelin speaker series. Based on my background, they thought it would be fun for me to have the event at the college’s organic farm. I could give a talk about blogging and salad pairings, followed by a “make your own salad” luncheon with produce from their very own Beech Hill Farm. One whole hour to talk about Domesticate ME! and my love of salad? To potential adoring fans? Sold! Visit Domesticate-me to Read On!...

Chinese Chicken Salad Burgers

Paleo-Chinese-Chicken-Salad-BurgersI’ve never been a terribly emotional person. In fact, my parents claim that I didn’t cry as a child, and they were actually “mildy concerned” that my lack of tears indicated some sort of “serious psychological issue.” (This confuses me because I’m pretty sure I’d be 100% pumped if my kid didn’t cry. I can only hope it’s genetic.) Since I’m being honest here, I’ll just say that overt sappiness has always made me squirm, and the thought of crying in front of people is my personal equivalent of the “naked in public” dream. I’ve never been one for nostalgia, or to go all goo-goo eyed over puppies and babies, and talking about feelings generally stresses me out. It’s not that I’m a cold-hearted ice queen (you know I love me some true love and happiness), I'm just not...

12 Foolproof Recipes for the Fourth of July

Best-Fourth-Of-July-Recipes-RoundupSummer is officially flying by, and somehow the Fourth of July is only a few short days away. Honestly, I feel pretty stressed about how quickly it’s crept up on me. I’m not even close to caramel tan, I've only worn a fraction of my crop tops, and I have yet to start my extensive summer reading list. (I always have a summer reading list because it makes me feel simultaneously young and productive.) Blergh. Last year, I supported my roommate by celebrating the holiday at a Widespread Panic concert, which was fine, but I’m very grateful not to be repeating the experience on Friday. (I already made my annual Widespread appearance this past weekend, the details of which I will share with you when I’ve had time to recover.) Instead, I’ll be in Maine, where I spent...